Cochem offers a lot of culture, too.

The Reichsburg

The Reichsburg is apart from the wine one of Cochem's main attractions.

It is in Cochem-City on a small hill. There are two options to go to the Reichsburg. The first option is to walk there. The second option to visit the Reichsburg is to go by bus. If you had reached the castle, you can enjoy the view over a large area of Cochem and its environs. If your are interested in Cochems history, you can take part of a guided tour on the Reichsburg.

The Winneburg

The Winneburg is a castle ruin, which you can reach only on trails, which are laying through the wonderfull nature of the "Enderttal". It is not as famous as the Reichsburg, but it is an inside tip for those ones, which want to see the nature of Cochems surroundings and to combinate it with some culture.

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